KBP focuses on the sustainable use of existing resources, minimizing energy consumption, and preserving the environment within the design of technical systems for buildings. A special emphasis is placed on technology, ecology, economy, socio-cultural aspects, process, and location.

Sustainability is not seen as an addition to the building’s original design, but as an integral part of it. The technical building equipment defines how the building works and how much energy it consumes. Efficient MEP planning reduces installation, operation and maintenance costs while reducing the building’s carbon footprint.

KBP combines traditional sustainable principles with modern technology to create environmentally friendly, energy efficient building projects. The focus is on reducing energy and water consumption, including renewable energy sources for construction and operation, using sustainable materials, and efficiently controlling and operating the building.

There are many possibilities for a sustainable technical building design. Climate-neutral chillers that use water in a closed circuit as a refrigerant offer an emission-free, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly solution for refrigeration. Innovative sensor and control technology ensure that the energy requirements for lighting, heating, and cooling, as well as the ventilation systems can be minimized. Techniques such as water harvesting and recycling (grey and rainwater harvesting), natural hybrid ventilation and heat recovery systems also have a positive effect on the carbon footprint.

Buildings also have the potential to become “energy positive” – feeding energy from the sun or wind into the grid, rather than solely relying on it.
The megatrend “electrification and digitization”, coupled with decentral generated electricity and targeted control technology, offers energy sovereignty, and serves as another path to a sustainable society.

With zero carbon emissions as our goal, we as a team strive for a more sustainable future through innovative TGA project solutions.

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