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ICM Munich trade fair center
M.O.C. Munich
Museum Mobile Ingolstadt
Nolde Museum ©Nolde Seebüll Foundation, Helmut Kunde
IAA Trade Fair 2001 BMW Pavillion
IAA Trade Fair 2003 BMW Pavillion

Autostadt Wolfsburg
Pavilions for VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda
GFA 30 000sqm
Construction time 1998-2000

ICM Munich
Convention centre
GFA 42 000sqm
Construction time 1995-1998

Customer Center Ingolstadt
Car delivery center for Audi
GFA 21 000sqm
Construction time 1991-1992

M.O.C. Munich
New exhibition and event facilities
GFA 120 000sqm
Construction time 1991-1993

Museum Mobile Ingolstadt
Audi Forum
BGF 13 500m²
Bauzeit 2000-2001

Nolde Museum Seebüll
Umbau und Erweiterung
BGF 2 500m²
Bauzeit 2004-2006

International Automobile Exhibition IAA
Trade Fair Pavillions for BMW
2001 & 2003

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