Building services design

Mechanical and electrical engineering


For over 40 years

KBP has been developing and planning innovative, sustainable solutions for highly efficient building services.

We advise our customers on the implementation of sophisticated real estate projects, from development to completion – from concept to commissioning and beyond.

The integration of all technical systems in buildings is becoming increasingly important. Comfort, costs and the growing demand for sustainability are essential factors to consider.

The consistent pursuit of integrated planning is the basis of our work. In project teams of engineers and experts from all disciplines, we develop efficient and sustainable solutions in an interdisciplinary planning process, optimally adapted to the type and size of a project. We offer a holistic set of planning services to our clients – across all trades and planning stages, and customized according to the needs of our customers.

From the first planning stage, we rely on a consistent, BIM-capable 3-D design. Together with continuously improved planning tools for design, dimensioning and cost calculation, we can offer our customers a maximum of time and cost security. At the same time this detailed planning is essential for the successful floating of tenders, commissioning and site management.

Our scope of work

  • Energy
    Power engineering & storage technique, heat & cooling recovery, area & building infrastructure, geothermal power, cogeneration, photovoltaics, solar thermal energy.
  • Air
    Heating, ventilation and air conditioning, Process air conditioning and clean rooms, exhaust- & filter technology, High-rise stair and elevator pressurisation,
    kitchen ventilation.
  • Cooling
    Refrigerating plants, energy storage, space cooling technology, process cooling, recooling plants, free-cooling, distribution networks.
  • Heating
    Heat generation, space heating technology, distribution networks.
  • Water & gas
    Building drainage, sewage, percolation systems, storage, storm-water & grey-water utilization, plumbing, water supply, pressure increase, water treatment, wastewater neutralisation, separators & traps, gas supply, pressure control.
  • Fire protection & sprinkler
    Fire hydrants, extinguishing- & sprinkler systems, gas extinguishing- & inerting systems.
  • Electricity
    High- & medium voltage, power generation, distribution networks, smart grids,
    electrical installation, lightning protection & grounding systems, corona shielding, electromagnetic compatibility, standby power supply, battery bank, day- & artificial lighting.
  • Communication technology
    Fire detection systems, intrusion alarm systems, access control, intercom & bell systems, parking systems, conference & media systems, TV & CCTV, wireless communication (GSM, Wi-Fi), data networks, voice alarming-, speaker systems.
  • Automation
    Building automation, safety- & fire management, metering concepts, smart room control.
  • Construction
    Technical interior fitting, integrated installation systems, steel construction & locksmith services, steel support systems, module planning & prefabrication.