The right solution for every construction project. Based on our experience and the pursuit of innovation, we can professionally design and plan technical systems from the very beginning. We have translated our in-depth knowledge into planning methods that ensure reliability and high quality.

  • Determining the requirements
  • Defining the interfaces
  • Quality assurance – making the checklists
  • BIM-enabled 3D planning

Vertical urban development

With FOUR Frankfurt, four skyscrapers are under construction at the heart of Frankfurt‘s city center.

Cost certainty

Always keeping an eye on the costs and budgets is a must in planning. We thoroughly analyze completed projects, observe the market and assess innovations and regulatory changes.
In this way, we can provide our clients with sound information about costs at all times and together take measures to stay within the budget.

  • Cost evaluation
  • Cost estimation and calculation
  • Change tracking
  • Price comparison lists & quotes


Integrated solutions require complex collaboration between building construction and engineering. Starting in the planning phase, we actively participate in preparing the schedules. Together with all project participants, planning and implementation processes are developed and incorporated in the overall timeline.

  • High-level timetable
  • Detailed scheduling
  • Visualization of timeline

Best building services and ecology

The new SIEMENS Headquarters in Munich.

Project monitoring

construction log, performance assessment and defects management

Transforming ambitious plans into reality requires continuous and consistent on-site monitoring of the project. KBP works with database-supported software that is available both in the office and on the road to enable an optimal workflow.

  • Daily construction log
  • Progress & performance assessment
  • Tracking of defects
  • Correspondence with contractors

Project monitoring

billing and cost control

Billing large construction projects requires great care and accurate workflows. Performance levels, measurements, invoices and supplements are checked in the dual system of site management and billing. This ensures accuracy in cash outflow and budget control.

High technical standard

With NOVE by Citterio, a designer office building was built at the Arnulfpark in Munich

Project monitoring

execution dates, commissioning, handover

To successfully complete and hand over a project, agreed timelines must be closely tracked and monitored. In process chains, we present the critical path and the interdependencies of the various fields in a transparent manner. This approach leads to successful commissioning and functional handover to the client in accordance with construction law.