BMW Welt

Experiencing the world of the automobile


Coop Himmelb(l)au, Vienna

73 000 sqm

Building services costs
>20 million EUR

Scope of work
Mechanical services design

HOAI stages
1 - 9

Planning time

Construction time

“BMW WELT” (BMW World) has long been a magnet for visitors in Munich. It celebrates automobile delivery as a unique experience and creates a place of communication with visitors and customers.

The Viennese architects of Coop Himmelb(l)au were the winners of an international competition. The unique architecture of the BMW Tower and the BMW Museum form an ensemble of international renown.

Despite its highly expressive design, BMW World perfectly fits in with the architecture and landscape of the neighboring Olympiapark which was created for the 1972 Olympic Games.

Under the “double cone” and the “cloud”, a multifunctional space emerged. The building’s main purpose is the celebration of the car’s hand-over to the customer. This includes areas for the delivery, storage and preparation of the vehicles. Spacious lounges are available as reception and waiting areas. The vehicle pick-up is a ceremony: from the heights of the roof structure, the customers glide down an escalator to receive their new car, which majestically awaits them on a turntable.

The presentation of all BMW Group brands is also an important part of BMW World. Models and corporate philosophy are presented in separate areas adapted to the CI of each brand.

The experience is completed by an event center, shops and themed restaurants.

KBP designed the mechanical building services and planned and managed the completion at the construction site. The technology is perfectly suited to the architecture and ensures guests the highest degree of comfort throughout their visit.

Photos: KBP

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