Macherei Munich

Sustainable city quarter with a unique experience

Art-Invest Real Estate
ACCUMULATA Real Estate Group

HWKN, New York
OSA, Munich
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70 000 sqm

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“Die Macherei” (The Makery) is an urban office and business complex serving a hub for creators, where ideas are put into practice. The innovative urban quarter includes 70.000 sqm space for offices, retail, gastronomy, a design hotel, and a two-story fitness studio.

The ensemble, consisting of six buildings designed by three renowned architects and is characterized by contrasting and complementary forms and facades. The heart of the urban complex is the central district square.

“Die Macherei” was the first city quarter in Germany to receive the LEED GOLD sustainability certification for planned urban quarters. The use of ecological building materials and resources, as well as sustainable water & energy concepts were designed and implemented within the urban and interior quality.

Photos: KBP

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