Automobile delivery and service center

Landmark in central Munich

Daimler AG

LAI Lanz Architekten und Ingenieure

80 000 sqm

Scope of work
Building services design

HOAI stages
1 - 9

Planning time
2000 - 2003

Construction time
2001 - 2003

The construction of a new branch office for automobile sales and service provided central Munich with a prominent landmark next to one of the city’s main thoroughfares, the “Donnersberger Brücke”.

The new multifunctional complex impressively showcases the automobile, both inside and when viewed from outside the building. The 14-storey high-rise building with its corporate trademark is unmistakable. In addition to the showrooms for various corporate brands, the 80,000 m² structure holds offices, workshops, event areas and a car park.

Simulation of the thermal properties of the double façade of the tower enabled the engineers to take into account the special requirements of the building’s exterior when planning ventilation and heating. An additional technical highlight is the eye-catching nighttime illumination of the hollow layer within the double façade.

In order to provide a high degree of comfort without any visual impairment of the architecture, thermo-active systems were used throughout the building. Elaborate control technology allows the highly efficient operation of the building.