Swiss Life

New German Headquarters in Munich

Swiss Life AG

Ackermann und Partner
Architekten BDA

ca. 40.000 sqm

Building services costs
> 10 Mio. Euro

Scope of work
Mechanical services design

HOAI stages
1 - 8

Planning time
2011 - 2013

Construction time
2012 - 2014

The Swiss Life insurance company has established the new German headquarter in the greater Munich area.

The architecture was designed by Munich architects Ackermann und Partner. On a plot of 20.000 sqm, a modern office building was built in a business park near the city of Munich.

The office concept provides for flexible individual and group offices, lined up in a combined zone. Incoming air is gently fed into the offices through vents in the floor and is extracted centrally. The cooling of the rooms takes place via component activation.

Special areas for conference rooms, staff restaurant and data center were designed with technically adapted solutions for ventilation and fire-extinguishing systems.