Austrian Parliament Vienna

Major overhaul of a monument

Republic of Austria

Jabornegg & Palffy, Vienna

approx. 55 000 sqm

Scope of work
Building services & infrastructure design

HOAI stages
1 - 6

Planning time
2014 - 2018

Construction time
2017 - 2020

Based on a law passed specifically for this purpose, the Austrian parliament decided on a comprehensive renovation of the 130-year-old building.

The refurbishment should allow improvements in operation, processes and functions, repair existing damage and bring security, fire safety, hygiene and comfort up to today’s standards.

Jabornegg & Palffy architects from Vienna, together with the engineering company AXIS, won the contract for the restoration with a construction sum of more than 300 million Euros. KBP was able to bring extensive experience to the table and make a contribution to the successful bid.

In the area of higher-level technical infrastructure, renewable energy will be used to supply the building with cold air. A medium-voltage feed from a second substation will also be available to provide uninterrupted service, and in the building itself, there will be a full back-up for the power supply.

Bildmaterial: PGSG | ZOOM VP | KBP

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