Data centers

More projects at a glance

BMW main campus data center, Munich
Usable space 600sqm
Construction time 2005-2006

Data center modification and extension, Coburg
CHP installation
Usable space 1 000sqm
Construction time 2011-2012

Data center refurbishment, Coburg
Energy network installation
Usable space 500sqm
Construction time 2012-2013

KVB data center refurbishment, Munich
Retrofit of a gas extinguishing system
Construction time 2016

HVB new data backup center, Munich
Usable space 420sqm
Construction time 1998

BMW new data backup center, Munich
Usable space 780sqm
Construction time 2005-2006

BMW R&D division network center, Munich
Cooling supply system refurbishment
Usable space 300sqm
Construction time 2007-2008

BMW R&D division information processing center, Munich
Refurbishment and reconstruction
Usable space 1 400sqm
Construction time 2005-2006

Swiss Life Germany data center, Munich
Usable space 900sqm
Construction time 2013-2014

Mercedes-Benz production plant data center, Kecskemét Hungary
Usable space 150sqm
Construction time 2011

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